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Sunday, September 9, 2012

what i did during my summer vacation

My show and tell of what i did during my summer vacation...
finishing, starting, returning...

Jude Hill Contemporary Boro class came to an end...or a new beginning. 
I started taking a few on-line classes with Karen Ruane...still a beginner.
Returning to cooler weather, autumn/fall, milder things and Jude's diaries...
with November Karen will be starting her Embroider, Embellish Create:

So this is the show and tell:

the pieces below were created as part of Karen Ruane's Ledger class: 

a very fun class that actually took a lot of time.  it was based on creating/finding ideas from elements in your surroundings and extending them in stitched form.  a great tool for brain storming. 

currently i am doing also another class with Karen - Extended Embellishment: 

another example of me trying to step outside my box to use other colours that i normally might not consider using: pastels, white, and cloth that i wouldn't have even thought about: silk dupioni and scrim (one of my new favorite toys)  you can see my decorative types of elements that i might never have tired if Karen hadn't been standing over my shoulder!  

I also did work on the things that I had started in Jude Hill's Contemporary Boro Class:

Again, the class is still going on for many of us as we are continuing under her influence to create/recreate/mend/bend our thinking about cloth.

the boro jacket is what i first started.  it is all stitched together, most of the element that i will add are finished awaiting assemblage.  

the second object i was working on is finished.  it is the linen shirt i reworked.  i altered the hem: shirt-tails to a straight hem.  altered the collar from conventional to a stand up. it went from 5 buttons to 4 and added a patched placket on the buttonhole side.  i also made a strip of cloth patches to use for a trim on the sleeves.

these are the projects that kept my hands busy indoors.

my outdoor project - the garden is just about spent.  i will start the clean up for fall, keeping most of the greens and hoping to overwinter them if we have a mild winter as we did last year.

summer is usually a difficult period for me but so much has to be done, in and out of the house, especially now since there is only myself to manage the care of two households.  weeds are really quite welcome to hang about though.  during my sister's visit, last week in july - august week one, we did turn a new bed and cleared a lot of bramble.  but it has started showing it's weedy little head since we've had some rain in the last two weeks. very little rain and hot hot days really made this a odd growing season.

my short term plans are to finish the jacket (hopefully by christmas for my sister) and keep up the samplers of embellished stitching for the ledger i started...also putting down "subjects for a short story."  a reference to chekhov here,
meaning a place for noting ideas working out things, regarding cloth.

i have started a base cloth too for a new oak leaf cloth:
the weave is made from pieces left over from the shirt and jacket

and my continuing project of the oak fascicles is still on my list.  there is a current one in the works:

so, that is what i did on my summer vacation.  but now it is september, as the old song states: "see you..."

i hope to be a better blogger.  considering not having such long intervals between postings if i make them shorter...more like this is what i did today instead of what i did all summer.
mom's health keeps declining so my time is limited to sneaking in a bit here and there but stitching is my one great relief.  hopefully i haven't lost too many reader/viewer/friends out there and that my absence is forgiven.

thank you to my mentors and guides: my spirit guide and my "chipper" friend, who keep me grounded. and those who have stayed with me through my journey.

take care all and good stitching and or art making as each to their own finds a trail for themselves to follow.

dla mamusie.  


  1. your work is wonderful, inspirational, innovative and excites me tremendously. I love your jacket...your ledger, your samples and rather than lose friends you have gained one in me. Me? I have gained an itch!!

  2. thank you for a peek into your journal. such a beautiful record of your process.

  3. what a fantastic and individual ledger youve created its obviously been an experience youll treasure.
    Id say youve had a pretty successful stitchy summer that will take you far beyond autumn!
    thank you for a look at such smashing work!

  4. loved seeing your ledger pieces again. it was nice to be in the class with you. absolutely love the stitching you did on the shirt and jacket. you really did accomplish a whole lot. glad to see you back in the blogosphere.

  5. Wow, you've been busy! Lots of stitching and classes and working in your journal. Thanks for sharing it with us. I hope you can have a bit of a rest from the summer's business. You haven't lost me.....try if you will but I like your blog too much! xo

  6. i have missed you . but i am glad to see you were really busy this summer . i am super glad we are in class with jude again .
    thank you for all the info on karen's classes .

  7. Lots of inspiration here, but I particularly like your boro jacket! Such beautiful details!

  8. thanks for sharing all these pictures, it's wonderful to see all the amazing work you've been doing. I especially like the boro jacket stitching and your color sense, as well the views of your ledger. Your stitching is very inspiring!

  9. good to see you back on your blog and all the stitching, love what you are doing with the scrim and that new fascicle looks very interesting!

  10. I hope that your lack of a blog post today means you are busy making my fruit cake...yummy!!

  11. Wow! you have been busy! I have been following your ledger work with great interest on flickr...

  12. just catching up with blogs. a strange summer here too. i feel like i can breathe a bit before the next. love to see your work and how you've finished your shirt and started your jacket. beautiful stuff. you are inspiring me.


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