Mom always says, "never cut a knot, always untie it. If you can't figure out how to untie a knot, you'll never figure out how to solve your problems."

Saturday, February 22, 2014

third week of february

things that passed through my fingers this week.

The detail is showing a tiny little "pocket" opening of the top section.  

The details here also have little "pockets" on the pleated areas.

For the friend from insta/world/gram who used the word "tease," this is the full view.

To break the thread flow, I also knitted up a few hats this week.  Another stash, another story.

Thaw is a word that might have to be eliminated from the vocabulary - we are suppose to go back to a deep freeze again during the next week.

So for those who wander by, keep warm and cheers.

Exciting week ahead.  Stitching from Northern England, Karen Ruane's SimpleStitch4 starts.  Join the madness in search of cake crumbs.


Thursday, February 13, 2014

caring for the heart

as that day approaches
let us remember all our heart of hearts

The "phases of the heart: for the lost, broken, forgotten" is no. 20 in a series that i've been stitching for  the year, 2014.

"prevailing winds" is no. 19.(below)

Each piece is about 9x9, the white base.  The center is roughly 6x6, center.  These are my memory keepers for the year.  And, isn't everything we do, in a way, a memory keeper? 

I have a template that I sometimes use to pin out ideas and or make "meaningful comments" to myself.  It passes the time.

So far, this year to date, in 2014. 
Treat hearts kindly.  
Thank you for stopping by if you still remember this place.