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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Few quiet things that dried today.

today was dark and rainy...wasn't a day for gazing and dazing...except into the cauldron (oh, wait, that happened already!)  just did a little dyeing today.  I stitched for two hour straight at mom's last night before putting her to bed so on the horizon there will be an update to LEFT.  Jude video and blogs (Diaries and Spirit Cloth) were so powerful the last couple of days.  I need to think about everything she said...I think she lives in the woods because she is a wood nymph.  I think she'd disappear if she left the civilized life and went into the city.  Just dreaming.  Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a place to retreat to with just the minor needs met and no one rattling at your door.  My sister lives in Western Massachusetts, on a mountain in the Berkshires.  She teaches in Lenox.  Anyway, she doesn't like the weather there and want to be in the Southwest.  I on the other hand, well, suffice it to say, living on a mountain in a forested area - really seeing the seasons, hearing their songs (dreaming, dreaming, dreaming.)  Well, here are a few examples of my dyeing.    

rust, mould, and a quick dip in indigo carmine

rust, indigo carmine, redyed in onion skin

First dye:rust, indigo carmine
redyed in onion skin

First dyed in indigo carmine with rust
redyed in onion skin and painted bottom with walnut dye gue

first dye: rust in indigo carmine,
redyed using Jude's hoop dip in
onions skin 

close up of hoop dyed dip

indigo carmine, rust beer caps
(found objects!)

avocado dyed

putting a few objects in my pocket while walking mom's dog.
Ha, you wouldn't guess that I have a BFA in photography...I learned photography doing old fashion film, black and white imagery and developed my own film and prints.  I'm not good with this digital camera stuff.  I only own one because I got it for my 25th anniversary gift from the Art Institute as an "award"/"reward" for services rendered. Ha.

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  1. Your work is very beautiful! and I love your blog! I love sewing - it was always my first creative love. And I love dying fabric! You are so creative with your dyes.


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