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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Discipline and being good to yourself

Thoughts to consider.  Read over at Sandra Reford's blog, link over at the side bar, the following under the heading of DISCIPLINE:


Being an artist is like every other job. You have to go to your "office" every day and work.

Penny Berens stitches 5 hours a day.
Judith Martin spends 5 hours stitching, 3 hours in studio designing and 2 hours researching. That's a 10 hour day.
Australian artist Dijanne Cevaal dedicates 50 hours per week to her art. That includes blogging, writing articles, teaching, designing, dying and making.
and ofcourse I can't remember where I read this additional comment, the person said that they thought that Jude stitches in her sleep.  That I believe as well.  How do you do it Jude. 

This is a quick post for the moment, mostly because I've had this on hold and if I don't publish it...I won't remember why I wanted to share it...

I think the reason had something to do with the fact that we need to keep focus and put time aside to do what essentially makes us who we are.  Happy to be accomplishing things - big, small, important or not, what we do for ourselves to define ourselves is as important as brushing your teeth, washing your face and getting up in the morning.  This is important to me because I watch my mother slowly forget what sparked her days.  She sings now, odd you might think.  I don't think so.  I think she sings because music does have a calming affect but also because I think it is a way for her to remember.  There is rhythm, repetition, and reference to processes that the mind uses....anyway, remember to remember. 

There is a shop that some of you might have access to or have heard of, Paper Source.  It is overpriced but they have a lot of eye candy there so a visit is worth just the temptation to touch.  If you get a chance find one.  I know they are here in Illinois and I believe they are also expanding - Well, I mention this because one of their logos is "do something creative everyday."  Good quote to remember. 

More on sewing, stitching is in the making...


  1. in my sleep maybe. ha. you just keep going because it feels so good.

  2. Have enjoyed reading your blog this morning. It is inspiring to realize there are others that are stitching with me. We are blessed to be connected by the web. Thank you for the reminder that stitching is a commitment to the art that we will leave behind.


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