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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

WIP:wednesday, nothing finished/a lot started

I can tell the days are getting cooler.  My kitties are starting to snuggle - and it is comforting and warm but they also think my thread is a toy...

Nevertheless.  I feel like a squirrel putting away her inches, paper pieces and base cloths readying for a long cold winter.

So without delay: what's awaiting the needle.

This exercise was to try and piece together an oak leaf, the subject of most of my work this year, using paper piecing into shaping the "patches" together.  First I created the drawing and made the template which I them cut to use for paper piecing..

I then stitched it to a base cloth and coupled it with an outline of the leaf.  It too is divided (pencil lines) into a nine patch which will just be stitched.  

Here is another version of a nine patch...just using triangle templates and the leaf for inspiration.  The 90 degree angles are fine to stitch but the 45 degree angles - well, it rhymes with stitch (the word I'm thinking of.)  This is just a little sampler to try out ideas. 

And now for the true nine patch inch by inch method.  Some are tacked and basted and some are just pinned.

 And just in case there is nothing else to do, make more paper pieces.
 I'll keep the progress reports going. Still working on my other projects too: the jacket and a few more patches for holes I've been finding in my jeans...and embellishing a sweater for my sister and the owl is still hooting, "what about me, what about me...i'm still waiting to be finished....what about me...."

Keep warm if your weather is getting cooler - Oh, my October already!


  1. love all your inches, your pieces, your patches...your leaf fascinates me, like a map....Lancashire says it was worth the wait. Stay warm....

  2. i love the outline of the leaf sitting next to the pieced one...a mirror image of sorts.

  3. smashing nine patches and hexis.......!

  4. love seeing your wips ... you have way more patience than me...

  5. so many leaves. so many tiny squares. my fingers itch at the wanting to touch them. to experience them directly. they are fascinating!

  6. Henrietta, I had to come find you after enjoying so many of your comments on Karen's site. I am so glad I did....one more site to peruse during my morning wanderings through cyberspace. You are going on my desktop....

    wonderful inspiration here. I will be back....

    1. thanks peggy. i'm a slow blogger - i don't post often so i hope you enjoy what little i have to WIP up. I should be doing another one soon, however. cheers.

  7. I too love nine patch and have a drawer full, waiting to be used.

    And today, maybe because it is fall, I am inspired to make a leaf piece.

    Your patchwork leaves are very intriguing.

  8. Ii think it is wonderful how you show your process.. the beginning of cut cloth and thread and how you end up with beautiful quilts.. from someone who does not like to sew.. I am very impressed.

  9. I love your "true nine-patch" --- nine-patch is such a comforting pattern - I wonder why that is?


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