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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Probably better get one more in for April since April is almost going by:
Since my first  April cloth was gifted to my friend Keith for his birthday, April cloth 2 had to be born.  The cloth isn't really as wobbly as it looks in the picture, it just photographed crooked! Following are details of the piece so that you can see some of the stitches.  I left the needle in, by the way, since I'm not quite sure if it is done. I'm leaving a few open, unstitched, spots because I'm trying out some new thoughts.  One of the comments from last time noted that a little mystery was allowed for the viewer to fill in their own story if the piece isn't completed stitched out.  I like that and took note.

The oak leaf is here, in the middle.  the cloth is representing transition...as Winter transcends into Spring. The left side is the colder/wintry side. Curling and swirling, whirling winds come with the change.  A little more spare  in the amount of stitches show a little of the barren feel that the end of Winter might have.  Spring is on the right. Especially with the warmer Spring then usual, the flowers, trees and  fauna have been appearing sooner and quicker.  So the richer palette and abundance of stitching are to show the awaken of the growing season.

The leaf itself is divided into the two aspects.  The slight touch of green and woven stitch are the young growth.  The outline of the blackened lines are the cracks that have started to form on the old leaf of last summer.

 As April draws to a close, have May to look forward to.  More work needed in the garden - seedlings need transplanting and my indigo is sprouting.  Really need to hustle on that - it got colder and winder after the days of 80s which interrupted the garden schedule.  May cloth will be started, work on the fascicle project continuing, Magic  Diaries II is still in full swing and Contemporary Boro II about to commence.  The last two references are to  Jude's projects.

So, until my threads bring me back for another post...happy stitching and creating to all.


  1. ha, i see some stacked stitch emerging, it is amazing how you have incorporated so many techniques in these,

  2. Happy stitching to you as well, Ani!

  3. your stitching is more beautiful each time you post.

  4. I love variation in all the stitching especially on the different sides. Yet the sides are connected together by the oak leaf. What kind of fabric are you stitching on. It has a nice open weave to it

  5. ani, i agree with deanna - your stitching just gets more and more stunning! i feel the creative energy must be positively *swirling* through you! the colors, the juxtaposition - wonderful! so many shapes happily nestled together here - and i didn't even see the leaf until you pointed it out! hidden in plain sight!



  6. As Lynne said, so much energy here dancing in these stitches!
    At SEW I found pleasure in the colors and fullness of the stitches, here I embrace your story. Beautiful :)

  7. Ani I love that 'touch' of green, the promise of spring....the colours and stitch are beautiful and your story telling brings it to life.

    Jacky xox

  8. the complex stitch pattern is impressive; as Nancy says, so much energy and life here.

  9. I agree about the growth and life evident in your work.

  10. oh WOW!...look what you have created!!!!!!
    this is really wonderful and how amazing,
    Again, that it is so You!...i could have
    identified it easily as an Ani!...how does
    this HAPPEN??????....such a mystery!...
    and it is different than your usual, but
    is still YOU.....
    love looking at this.........

  11. you have such a complex mix of embroidery here.It has created a beautiful surface.

  12. Your stitching is so beautiful. Like the cellular level of life - the parts you usually can't see. Comfortably complex.

  13. My eyes have such a good time looking at these...

  14. Just found you via Karen and I love your work :)Im following along now :)
    Regards Phillipa in NZ


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