Mom always says, "never cut a knot, always untie it. If you can't figure out how to untie a knot, you'll never figure out how to solve your problems."

Sunday, March 18, 2012

soundless sunday

a touch of summer in the air so i though i'd stitch up a little piece to reflect that (this is still a WIP) but with the warm weather i thought my cloth needed to show a little bit of a green petticoat as well:
catching up on a few fascicles that i have completed...

The first set is fascicle 3

 Back Cover (left) contains the daily journal log that i keep: weather, words, and the table of contents.  Front Covers (right) are the days worked.

The second set is fascicle 4 (I think my favorite to date)

 This one took a while to complete but it was the one that i think i lingered over because i liked watching the stitches form.

 I placed a few beads on this following.  My sister sent them to me to try to work with and since I had never used beads before this was an experiment.  I can see them being used but it would have to have intention and purpose to make them work, i think.  Still - it was an interesting thought.
I'm still playing with the negative versus positive page lay-outs and on fascicle five I tried doing that as full page spreads, so the cover is the negative and the center-fold is the positive.

Now I'm awaiting the coming bounty of green fresh oak leaves...over night as by magic.

We've had almost 5 days now in and around 80.  To be honest too warm too soon.  The garden NEEDS attention and probably go straight to sowing beans and forget the peas! No spinach either but I grow sorrel so that makes up for the spinach.  I've got a few tulips and daffodils open and the forsythia as well is in color.
Hope your gardens are growing and stitches flowing.


  1. good post .. i love what you are doing with the leaves and facsimile . very inspiring .
    thank you

    1. hey kathyd. thank you. when i'm not posting it's because i'm stitching...leaves should be turning green soon, aye. cheers, ani.

  2. love seeing your stitches again and you've been making lots of progress. we're having warm weather here too. planting seeds in jiffy pots today. my garden will be ready for planting at the end of the month.

  3. wow. good heavens, WOW!! what to say, ani! so much love, so much feeling here; each piece visually and soul satisfying... LOVE the couching on 'a touch of summer'. and the touch of green. *adore* the cover of fasicle 3... everything, all of it...

    did you already tell us what size the fasicle pages are? i can't remember...

    thank you for sharing this with us. really...


  4. My apricot tree has apricots already!

    1. there is one in bloom here too but no fruit. my favorite! lucky you

  5. These must be so satisfying to hold in your hands! Such beautiful stitching Ani. The addition of spring green is lovely.

  6. you have really made progress. this season is way out of wack. it was 80 hear today, wow.

    1. hey jude, thanks for stopping by. we've had 5 days in the 80s and only today in the 70s because it was cloudy. back to 80s tomorrow. wacky is the word.

  7. Wow, these are amazing. I'm going to have to go back here a ways to find out more about these! I see they're one of your labels over there on the sidebar, yay! Love your mom's words of wisdom, too. See you.

  8. Henrietta,

    I feel so sad for Jude. I have an idea, for I feel quite helpless, for she does so much for us and I would like to do something for her. So what if we all make a circle of lights for WAS and Jude? I lit a candle and put it on my blog. Perhaps we could all do this. As many people visit your blog will you help me spread the light? (please don't mention my blog, for it's for Jude and WAS)



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