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Monday, February 13, 2012

I'm not that kind of person, but....

February Cloth, 8 1/2 x 11

I am not really into Valentine's Day, hearts and those kind of things but seems my cloth, needle and thread had a different idea...so here is my February cloth. There is still more stitching to be done, along the frame and corners, mostly, but I did want to share this WIP.  If you remember, one of the projects, besides working on my "weekly" fascicles, I am doing  "broadside" editions of monthly cloths.  January's is being redone since I decide the original piece I put together was too "big" for me.  I really am an 81/2 x 11 kind of person.  

This is how the piece was first layed out.  A outline of the "valentine oak" was made and first stitches taken. Text was written to acknowledge some thoughts about February and days of celebration.  My father's birthday and the birthday of a very special friend, Celtic Spring and the etymology of the word, for example. 

Also for some who might like details - a collage of parts of the cloth.  Although the text was added, it really wasn't intended to be a focus for the piece - the stitching over the words, hopefully, accomplishes this text disguise.

I have finished stitching my fourth fascicle.  It needs to get "bound."  So it will be a the "bindery" this week and hopefully I will be placing it on the blog for you to see by week's end.

So for those who celebrate the 14th and have stopped by, wishing you all a day for memory keeping.


  1. what a very unique, creative, lovely heart. valentine's day is really the only holiday i've ever liked. don't ever celebrate birthdays but it also comes in February. i guess i kind of replaced celebrating my birthday with celebrating valentine's day in the past. looking forward to the next fascicle.

  2. I really like the detail photos; it's a lovely heart. Hubs and I don't observe Valentine's Day, though we do every other day in the year :-)

    1. thank you karen... you are right, these kinds of observations should be year round. take care.

  3. any day is good to celebrate cloth

  4. This piece is so lovely! I love the transparent look that the stitches over the text gives.

  5. Very beautiful dense work. Yet light.

  6. Simply lovely ani! I bet it feels divine........!

  7. Gorgeous! The dense stitching and the leaf over the heart are so beautiful together.

  8. I like the oak leaf completing the heart shape. Love all those careful stitches.

  9. I'm not into valentine's either but I really appreciate your unique work of heart.


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