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Friday, December 30, 2011

the old, the completed, and to be worked on: 2011+1=2012

Left the piece started a couple of month back is just about done:  99%

The project I started, probably back around middle of October or so is just about finished.  The lower left band has some stitches to finish...will be done by the stroke of mid-night 2011.  I will discuss the story and stitching after the new year. 

Gifted to my sister....29 December 2011

This was a piece that I started playing with stitches in preparation for my 2012 little weekly challenge to me.  My fascicles project (see 2 posts ago).  Fascicle Project.  It is bases on the influence of several ideas, but mostly Emily Dickinson "self-published" bound fascicles.  The way she sewed and preserved her poems for herself.  She created 40 all together.  I'm hoping to get about forty done as well next year.  Here, below is the first fascicle.  The main character is an oak leaf, that will tell her story through the year: seasons, months, weeks, days, night, cold, heat.  Her own view from up high and from looking up.

Fascicle, 1.

The beginnings of the Fascicles project.  Each fascicle will be made up of four leaves, 6 pages with a front/back cover.  A single signature sewn with thread, probably red, since I don't use much red (read) thread and somehow I've gotten it into my head the ED used a color! Basic pamphlet style sewing: 3 holes sewn and tied through the center...leaving a frayed end, "somewhere for the eye to rest."  My very first binding teacher told me to fray the thread, leaving sort of a combed hair like effect.  This was her signature - her symbol.  Everyone who had ever studied with Joan Flasch does this same kind of tie-off, "to rest the eye." 
Text will be left and image right.  Various stitches will be used but mostly simple basic stitching.  The text for this page is: 
last of winter
with peace
at the door
contented, soon
i'll be no more
There will be 6 lines of text (including the name/title of the oak leaf that is speaking. I'm still trying to work out the method for including the text.  I will probably just write it without necessarily stitching it...I have planned 40 such fascicle, with 4 leaves, (8 pages): that's 320 pages of stitching.  A bit of stitching I'd say without the text...so it will probably just be "printed" in some fashion.

The fascicles will be my small relaxation project while doing part II of Jude Hill's: magic-diaries-part-2.  That will start in January and go through the end of June.  It is a subscription instructional workshop.  Wonderful things to be learned there. 

And finally:


  1. the piece in the first image turned out magnificently. you really have big plans for 2012 i see. i didn't realize the red onion skins gave such good color. will have to go and get some. wishing you the best for the new year.

  2. I found this post and the other about the Fascicle Project that you are going to do next year fascinating and not surprising that you would come up with something so interesting. I was also inspired by Jude Hills leaves. When I was in Hoppa, the Indian Reservation in Hoppa, CA I got 3 oak leaves. Perhaps you would like them. It is near a sacred dance site.

    send me an email if you are interested.

    Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog.


  3. Boy, you got great color out of those onion skins! Any special trick used for that?
    That Oaklight is spectacular, love it. Best for you and yours in the New Year...you've lots of plans for us to watch!

  4. I am intrigued by your fascicle project - your work is gorgeous and combining it with words in a bound form - well it's just inspiring!
    Hope your new year is filled with many creative moments!

  5. A happy new year to you, and many happy stitches

  6. Happy New Year and see you on the other side.

  7. all are Very FINE and it has been quite a
    year, hasn't it. now...on to even more...

  8. ani, i will be following along with love and interest in 2012. what you do inspires me so much...

    the text that you've chosen for the first page is beautiful!! somehow i think that not stitching the words will be a nice counterbalance to the stitching.

    'left' is magnificent, my friend... truly.


  9. Ani, it's been wonderful getting to see your amazing work and to get to know you a little in 2011. Happiness to you in 2012!

  10. Oh yes, plus one! Happy New Year!

  11. I love your fascicle project, look forward to watching the progress as there year waxes & seeing more details and reading more background on your "Left" piece it's all very intriguing!

  12. oh my oh my... such gorgeosity here... and that dyed fabric at the end, just yummy!

  13. detailed and lovely stitching...such tiny work! and yes, it's good to know how to 'untie our knots'...
    happy new year!

  14. I love how you connect the words to your work.. threading the connections.. wonderful! and happy new year to you.


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